Czech Courses for Foreiners


  people who are interested in learning the native language of their partner and their family

  people who within their jobs co-operate with Czech companies/ businesses

  students who are planning to study at a university in the Czech Republic

  people who are planning to live in the Czech Republic

  people who want to teach English in the Czech Republic as native speakers and they themselves need to speak the language of this country

  special Czech courses are for Christians, whose goal is to go in the Czech Republic for the purpose of evangelism, or other cooperation with the local churches


For advanced students, the lessons are specially adapted,

constructed according to their needs and focus

(business, medicine, Christianity …).


Why study the Czech language just with Me?

So look:



As my great advantage I consider the fact that I experienced firsthand what it’s come to a foreign country without any knowledge of the language, and learn the language mainly in practice (classical language courses do not teach much, methodology of teaching is often inappropriate and ineffective, as well as understanding process, how to learn a foreign language).

It gave me the knowledge and a clear understanding of what is essential in teaching the language or is unreasonable, what is needed to start now and what later, so that students can start as soon as possible to create their own sentences, not just repeat memorized phrases. It’s a realization that came through my own experiences, not through knowledge taught in school.

And more :-)

Teaching is provided by a qualified and experienced Czech teacher

 with the Master Degree in the Czech language

 with long experience in Czech schools

 with the qualification for teaching Czech as a second language

 with the experiences in teaching the foreigners in the UK

 with the ability to customize the way, the methods and speed of study for each student according to his personal needs

Most of the lessons I do via Skype. 

Lesson fee is set-up according to individual agreement.

                                         1 lesson  = 2 hours
                                      1 hour = from £15 to £25      (depending on the provided services )



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